Awkward Discoveries: The Everclear T-Shirt


I went to their concert when I was 15. It felt very badass, which I clearly was not. Their songs were about drugs and depression and California. I took one look at Art’s white hair and heroin-chic face and thought, I want to marry a musician………..……….


I’m also pretty sure I wore this shirt to school, which makes me shudder to think about.

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3 thoughts on “Awkward Discoveries: The Everclear T-Shirt

  1. Ash says:

    Oh my… I just found your blog linked through The Gloss and I already thing I’m gonna like it.

    I too, own an Everclear shirt from teenage years gone by. One that I remember wearing with such pride and making sure everyone knew (whether they cared to or not) that I had purchased said awesome shirt at one of their concerts. Sweet Jesus, what was I thinking. Did I include the fact that I was chaperoned by my mother at the concert, F no!

    True story, I dug it out of my closet just a couple years ago and showed it to my husband, along with the “got it at their concert” line (yep, still an idiot) and upon wondering aloud what had ever happened to them, my lovely wise ass companion convinced me the lead singer had become a minister and moved to the mid-west. I believed him for about a year until I got around to googling it. Good times.

  2. AreYouWearingMyPants says:

    Love this Ash! So what did ever happen to our pal Art? I added a few Everclear songs on my spotlight last week, just for old times’ sake.

  3. Debi Taylor says:

    Why shudder? 😦
    Tomorrow night I am seeing Everclear and thought I would go looking for any of my old t-shirts from 2001 and I just found the same one – in pristine condition! I love it! 🙂

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