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Blogging for Peace and Law & Order SVU Reruns

Welcome to my blog.

I’ve felt the shame of being a blogless “creative person” for too long, so today I introduce, AreYouWearingMyPants?

Realizing that no one wants to hear my stupid opinions on film, Middle East politics, LOST’s unanswered questions, Marxist feminism or anything else intelligent, I decided to just do what I do – tell stories. My stories stem from a moderately colorful childhood — I was raised in country where public beheadings are still a casual Friday morning activity (Saudi Arabia), then moved to a tiny desert island that less than 1% of all Americans have heard of (Bahrain), then to my real “home” where I was kicked in the back of the knees every day in gym class by a boy who later went on to play in the NFL, and somewhere along the line transitioned into a fairly normal adulthood tinged with some odd luck.

I hope you enjoy what you read. And if no one reads this blog, I can still look at it as a great time-saving tool for the future. When I am elderly and my grandchildren are up in my face at bedtime for stories, I can turn around slowly in my wheelchair and snarl, “Why don’t you go READ… MY… BLOG?” I’m making good use of my time today so my 80-year-old decrepit self can watch as many Law & Order SVU reruns as it wants.

No, I will be a lovely grandmother.


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